What is LEAD?

LEAD is a simple resource for homeschooling families who are striving to implement Leadership Education principles (Also known as "Thomas Jefferson Education" or "TJEd") in their homes.

LEAD sends out a monthly newsletter advertising all current Leadership Education Homeschool activities, events, seminars, classes, etc. for the state of Arizona to our Yahoo Group subscribers.

Subscribe here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/leadershipeducationarizona/

LEAD is NOT a support group. We have no membership dues or meetings. We are excited about and dedicated to the cause of Leadership Education and offer the LEAD e-newsletter and website as services to other parents who are dedicated to mentoring their children "off the educational conveyor belt".

Most of the information we will offer will come to us from our subscribers and from local Arizona Leadership Education organizations like H.I.P., the New Commonwealth Schools, the Southwest TJEd Forum, etc..

Please submit your event, activity, club, or group here.
(You can find the submission guidelines here.)